Webinar on ‘Foreign Exchange Management Act, 1999 (FEMA) on Export and Import of Goods and Services - An Update with Case Studies’

Webinar on ‘Foreign Exchange Management Act, 1999 (FEMA) on Export and Import of Goods and Services - An Update with Case Studies’

Context Setting

Digitization of regulatory documents (shipping bill and bill of entry) is being implemented by the Regulatory authority to reduce the paper work and to ease the trade operations.

Reserve Bank of India consolidating their guidelines from the year 2000 till date has issued Master Directions on Export and Import of goods and services with regular updates.

Under FEMA 1999 guidelines, Reserve Bank has delegated authority to Authorised Dealers to approve certain deviations subject to certain conditions. Say for example, after shipment exporter wants to allow trade discount to the overseas buyer. But shipping bill has captured the full value. Authorised Dealer has the delegated authority to allow such trade discounts and reduction in Invoice value subject to certain conditions. Likewise, old outstanding if not recoverable, Authorised Dealers have the delegated authority to ‘write off’ the unrealized pending payments.

In case of Make in India concept some of the overseas companies are getting goods manufactured in India and deliver the goods locally. Local buyer has to remit foreign exchange but there will be no proof of import. Recently there are relaxations in Merchanting Trade transaction also.

Participants are advised to forward their pending issues to us before the webinar so that those queries can also be taken up by the speaker. (Confidentiality of the company’s details will be maintained).

Key Takeaways

Following issues will be taken up for discussions:

    • Delay in submission of regulatory documents / submission of data
    • Difference between Trade discounts and Reduction in Invoice value
    • Delayed export payments and extensions
    • ‘Write off’ of unrealized export outstanding
    • Regularising direct dispatch of documents to the buyer
    • Netting off / set off
    • Payment of Agency commission
    • Advance remittances – revised guidelines
    • Dispatch of free samples
    • Delayed import remittances
    • Advance remittance for imports
    • Outstanding bill of entry in IDPMS
    • Proponent of import payments
    • Import of services and software
    • Merchanting Trade transactions – revised guidelines
    • Import Transactions where bill of entry will not be there
    • Trade credits – suppliers credit and buyers credit
    • Third country/party imports

Most of the above issues will be discussed with practical live examples.

Fees (per participant)

Type of Organisation Fees per Participant
CII Members (Large & Medium) Rs 3,000/- + 18% GST
CII SSI Members
Non Member Companies