The Nuances of Significant Beneficial Ownership (SBO)

The Nuances of Significant Beneficial Ownership (SBO)

Context Setting

Significant Beneficial Ownership (‘SBO’) revolves around a vital concept of tracing out the significant owners of a company. Why is there a need to identify SBO?


The answer lies in the fact that shareholders are ‘owners’ of a company and they have voting rights which can have an impact on major decisions of the company. The concept of SBO made an impact on the Indian corporate world in 2018. There were undetected beneficiaries behind major shareholdings in various companies in the garb of other shareholders which were posing a threat of hostile takeovers.


The register of shareholders might have had a formal name against a particular scrip, but the actual beneficiaries were somebody else. This somehow caused a lack in transparency as to knowing who the actual owners of the company were. To combat this situation section 89 & 90 came into play read along with the SBO rules.


Though this appeared good on paper, the implementation was surrounded by an array of questions.


There is still a cloud of confusion revolving around the same and the intention behind this webinar is to address those queries revolving around SBO (both conceptual and practical).


  • To provide a holistic understanding of SBO.
  • To understand the practical implementation of the section read along with the rules.
  • To have answers to general issues and queries revolving around SBO.

Key Takeaways

Conceptual and practical clarity on matters of SBO in turn allowing better assessment and handling of related issues in the company.

Participation Fees

INR 3000 + GST @ 18% Per Participant



5% on 2 nominations from an organization.

10% on 3 or more nominations from an organization.     

Who Should Attend / Target Audience

  • Secretarial Legal Department of Companies
  • Shareholders in general


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