Inhouse Programmes for Companies

Inhouse Programmes for Companies

We at Confederation of Indian Industry’s Centre of Manufacturing Excellence (CII CME) have developed Flexible and Cost-Effective ways to upskill employees of our member organizations to develop key competencies across their offices, factories and other business establishments covering various topics.

At CII CME, we believe that there is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all remedy to organisational challenges, which is why our expertise by way of “knowledge modules” and “coaching programmes” is tailored to fit your specific in-house capacity building needs, offering a relevant, effective, and affordable solution to complex and sometimes contentious matters.

Over the years CII CME has curated a team of renowned experts in various business fields to cater industry’s needs for in-house training programmes across India. This repository of knowledge enables you to choose topics that is relevant for you and provides CII CME an opportunity to help you better by using the below methodology to share knowledge.

Analyse Knowledge Gaps –> Curate the Content –> Implement In-house Programmes

CII CME will always work in partnership with you to develop curated programme modules to be delivered flexibly and in a format that suit your needs.

List of Few Companies for Who We Have Done Inhouse Programmes