SMART Manufacturing / Industry 4.0

CII Digital Workshop on Industry 4.0 / Smart  Manufacturing - Ways to Implement

In the Industry 4.0 pre-crisis environment, businesses had been more focused on experiencing the benefits of competitive advantage, cost reduction, productivity, sustainability, and innovation. Around the world, the coronavirus (Covid-19) outbreak has exposed the limited resilience of many manufacturers – in particular, their fragile supply chains, overdependence on human assets, and often insufficient agility. Indeed, with a global recession looming, further volatility expected, and investors growing more cautious, the need for manufacturing industries to step up performance – for them and for society – has never been greater.

The Covid-19 pandemic is triggering Industry 4.0, as companies are implementing Industry 4.0 technologies to mitigate the various challenges as risk management becomes the most critical part of the supply chain.

CII Naoroji Godrej Centre of Manufacturing Excellence (CII CME) is organising a Digital Workshop dedicated to support companies to prepare and define their future capabilities for what is next and beyond. This Workshop, scheduled from 17 – 28 August 2020,and comprising over 30 hrs of intensive training and knowledge sharing, will focus on the key technology enablers of Industry 4.0 and will be based on the following objectives:

  • Develop a coherent roadmap for controlled, predictable and monitored manufacturing
  • Step by Step Methodology to implement a complex initiative, I4.0
  • Grasp full understanding of new domains that need to be developed within the company
  • Comprehend how I4.0 can be implemented concurrently with lean Manufacturing / TQM / TPE etc.
  • Identify skill gaps in company
  • Evolve a technology Vision and long-term CapEx

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