Dale Carnegie Online Programme on "Operational Leadership Competencies"

Dale Carnegie Online Programme on "Operational Leadership Competencies"

Context Setting

Operational leaders are Essential for the Health of any Organization.

They lead the day-to-day operations of the business, making the most of the business’s core activities and work at the big-picture level, ensuring all the business pieces work together as effectively as possible. Thus, playing a very crucial role when it comes to operational stability, growth, and efficiency of their organization.


  • Learn the essentials of strategic planning and prepare their organization for future success
  • In still in your team the importance of individual, team, and development goals, and create a culture of high performance.
  • Learn tips to build employee engagement that drives positive outcomes, and best practices for holding individuals and teams accountable to the agreed upon goals.
  • Focus on how to better present on topics you know well but your audience considers complex or full of new information.
  • Walk away with other best practices for support materials, visuals, and presentation delivery that will help you plan for your next presentation.
  • Help you in leading your team to pinpoint opportunities for improvement, brainstorm creatively, logically evaluate options, and make informed decisions that will lead to success.
  • The tools discussed will help you become proactive instead of reactive in the face of problems and move from possibilities to solutions.



  • Strategic Planning Essentials: Prepare for Future Success
  • Developing Others through Mentoring and Coaching
  • Goal Setting and Accountability
  • Present Complex Information
  • Critical Thinking: Tools for Effective Collaboration

Key Takeaways

  • Identify ways that strategic planning differs from tactical planning.
  • Develop a strategic intent as the foundation of your organization’s plan.
  • Isolate the core competencies of your organization.
  • Assess the current situation using SWOT analysis.
  • Develop trust and relationships among employees
  • Coach colleagues for continuous improvement
  • Recognize the qualities of successful employees and leaders
  • Utilize time-tested principles to lead your employees to success and help others advance in their careers
  • Devise additional strategies to develop others
  • Communicate the importance of individual, team, and development goals to achieve strategic objectives.
  • Create a culture of performance to deliver excellence.
  • Build employee engagement to ensure positive outcomes.
  • Hold individuals and teams accountable to realize results.
  • Use a proven structure to effectively present complex information.
  • Identify ways to simplify material to reach all listeners.
  • Leverage the power of analogies to explain complex information.
  • Use 20+ best practices to plan your next presentation.
  • Use the Critical Thinking Process to gather and interpret relevant information and come to well-reasoned conclusions and solutions.
  • Differentiate between the Green-light and Red-light thinking mechanism.
  • Employ visualization and fact finding to verify that you have identified the real cause of the problem.
  • Critically evaluate alternatives using deductive and inductive reasoning strategies, the ladder of inference, and logic trees.
  • Apply decision-making techniques to choose effective solutions.

Participation Fees



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GST @ 18%


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  • Participation fees is non-refundable / non-adjustable against any other program of CII, but change in nomination(s) is accepted.
  • Prior registration for participation by the sponsoring companies is necessary.
  • Maximum admissions will be limited to 15 only.


Certified Trainers from Dale Carnegie India

Who Should Attend / Target Audience

Senior and Middle-level executives of private sector, public sector and government departments. HR professionals and trainers


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