Online Workshop on 'Project Management: Planning' 16 - 17 November 2021 : 02.00 pm to 06.00 pm

Online Workshop on 'Project Management: Planning' 16 - 17 November 2021 : 02.00 pm to 06.00 pm

Context Setting

  • This course is designed with the objective of helping participants gain in-depth knowledge of project management – planning - concepts and their real-life application. The course includes contemporary and real-life project management issues and approaches. The course contents are aligned with global best practices as per PMI (Project Management Institute).


          • Get acquainted with the critical project management deliverables, tool and techniques like, Project Charter, Project Management Plan, Work Breakdown Structure (WBS), PERT/CPM etc.
  • Learn through virtual classroom discussions with participants from various projects with varied experiences
  • Learn project management concepts from real life examples from the faculty guide and other participants
  • Apply new found knowledge in the class on case studies in teams

Key Takeaways

1.Hindrances & Opportunities in Project Management

2.Foundational Elements of Project Management

  • Differences- Project vs. Program vs. Portfolio
  • The Operational cycle (Classwork)

3.How environment affects Project Management

  • Enterprise Environmental Factors
  • Types of Organization Structure & Project Management
  • Organizational Process Assets

4.Project Manager’s role

  • Competencies & skills
  • Managing Integration in Project Management

5.Process Groups for Project Management

  • Initiating
  • Planning
  • Executing
  • Monitoring & Control
  • Closing

6.Knowledge areas of Project Management

7.Project Management in action

8.Initiating a Project

  • Project Charter
  • Feasibility Analysis: Go/No-Go
  • Identifying Stakeholders (Classwork: Stakeholder Analysis)

9.Planning a Project

  • Project Management Plan
  • Project Stakeholder Management
  • Project Scope Management

>Collect Requirements

>Define Scope (Classwork: Project Scope statement)

>Create WBS (Classwork: Work Breakdown Structure)

  • Project Schedule Management                      


>Develop Schedule (Classwork: Network Diagram)

  • Project Cost Management

>Estimate costs

>Project Budget (Classwork: Determine budget)

  • Project Quality Management

>Quality Management supporting Tools

  • Project Resource Management                        


  • Project Communication Management

>Communication requirements

  • Project Risk Management

>Understanding Risk approach

>Identify Risks

>Perform Risk Analysis

>Plan Risk responses

10.Project Procurement Management

Participation Fees

Type of Organisation
Fees per Participant 
CII Members (Large and Medium)
Rs.6,000/- (+ 18% GST)
CII SSI Members
Rs.5,000/- (+18% GST)
Non Member Companies
Rs.7,000/- (+18% GST)


10% on 3 or more nominations from an organization. 

Participation fees is non-refundable/ non-adjustable against any other programme of CII, but change in nomination(s) is accepted.

Registration: Prior registration for participation by the sponsoring companies is necessary.

Who Should Attend / Target Audience

Project Managers, Project Leaders, PMO Managers and all other personnel involved in project planning and execution from all business sectors