CII Virtual Session on Blue Ocean Strategy & Reverse Innovation

CII Virtual Session on Blue Ocean Strategy & Reverse Innovation

Context Setting

In today's dynamic business landscape, there are immense opportunities for growth and innovation. Embracing new strategies can lead to untapped market potential and increased profit margins. Our training program on Blue Ocean Strategy and Reverse Innovation is designed to help industry leaders break free from these constraints and discover new market opportunities.

The program will guide participants through the principles of Blue Ocean Strategy, which focuses on creating uncontested market space and making the competition irrelevant. It will also delve into Reverse Innovation, where innovations from emerging markets are brought back to developed markets, creating value and driving growth.

 CII CME is organizing Virtual Session on Blue Ocean Strategy & Reverse Innovation 1400-1700 hrs, Thursday & Friday,18 &19 July 2024 


  • Equip participants with the tools and frameworks to develop and implement Blue Ocean Strategy, including understanding the Strategy Canvas and the Four Actions Framework.
  • Illustrate the principles of Reverse Innovation and its application in developed markets through case studies.
  • Enable participants to identify & eliminate conventional boundaries of red oceans, introducing the six paths to developing Blue Ocean Strategy and their practical applications.
  • Emphasize the importance of visual strategy and the steps involved in visualizing strategy, highlighting the significance of reaching beyond existing customers.
  • Explain the profit model of Blue Ocean Strategy and the Blue Ocean Idea Index, focusing on the sequence of strategy elements: Buyer, Price, Cost, and Adoption.

Key Takeaways

Actionable Plan for Implementing Blue Ocean & Reverse Innovation Strategy 

Participation Fees

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Mr Jayant Shrikhande

Who Should Attend / Target Audience

CEO’s/ Marketing Heads & Managers/ Product Managers Strategy & Corporate Planning Heads/Managers Manufacturing, Engineering, Quality, /Design New Product Department/Finance Heads/ Design Heads & Manager 


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