Online Programme on Hazard Identification of Risk Assessment (HIRA)

Online Programme on Hazard Identification of Risk Assessment (HIRA)

Context Setting

Every human activity involves Hazards and Risks. Every workplace has its own hazards and risks. Whether an IT industry or a manufacturing industry, without risk management, no organization can ensure sustainable business continuity. Loss of life, Loss of property and Damage to environment are no more acceptable.  This workshop aims to help safety professionals, as well as other responsible executives to understand, learn and define sector specific risk management plan.


  • Understanding need of Hazard Identification
  • Types of Hazards
  • Hazard Identification Techniques
  • Appreciating need of Risk Assessment
  • Qualitative Risk assessment
  • Semi Quantitative Risk Assessment
  • Quantitative Risk Assessment
  • HIRAC Register

Key Takeaways

At the end of this programme the participants will be able to – 

  • Design and develop appropriate HIRA procedures
  • Strategize relevant Hazard Identification techniques
  • Visualize potential risks
  • Assign appropriate weightage to potential risks
  • Prioritize the risks
  • Develop and implement effective risk management plan.

Participation Fees

Category                                Per Participant Fee        GST                Total

CII Small Scale Members  :        5,000.00                    900.00            5,900.00

CII Medium Scale Members :     5,250.00                    945.00            6,195.00

CII Large Scale Members    :      5,550.00                   990.00            6,490.00

Non-Members                     :       6,000.00                1,080.00            7,080.00

Discount :

10% on 2 or more nominations from an organization.

Who Should Attend / Target Audience

This programme is intended for persons performing staff and line functions of safety across all sectors, Officers and Executives from production, maintenance, engineering, Safety officers, Safety committee members. 


Online - MS Teams.