Online Programme on Incident Reporting & Investigation

Online Programme on Incident Reporting & Investigation

Context Setting

Industrialization has provided employment and opportunity to earn livelihood to large number of people. Industries are expected to carry out their operations taking necessary safety measures. Due to gap in safety system some incidents happen resulting in injury to personnel, damage to property or environment. It has demoralizing effect on the work force and organization’s loss of goodwill with the customers and society. Such an event during the process also adversely affects the completion of task.

 Every incident is a culmination of series of events over a period of time. It is necessary to report all facts about the incident in a format, carry out investigation following proper procedure, identify causes that contributed to incident and recommend corrective actions. Implementation of corrective actions will improve the safety system and help prevent similar accidents from happening in future.

Therefore, it is important to institutionalize the reporting and investigation process so that we follow standard steps during the investigation exercise without missing facts and events that led to an injury or property damage.


  • To identify hazards and system deficiencies leading to an incident.
  • To suggest improvements to strengthen the workplace safety.

Key Takeaways

The programme will help participants to –

  • understand incident causation models.
  • understand the step-by-step technique of incident investigation.
  • prepare reports recommending corrective actions to prevent similar incidents in future.

Participation Fees

Category                                Per Participant Fee        GST@18%        Total

CII Small Scale Members        5500.00                        990                    6,490.00

CII Medium Scale Members    6000.00                        1080                  7,080.00

CII Large Scale Members        6,500.00                       1170                  7,670.00

Non-Members                          7,000.00                       1260                  8,260.00

Discount - 

10% on 3 or more nominations from an organization


  • Participation fees is non-refundable / non-adjustable against any other program of CII, however, change in nomination(s) is accepted.
  • Prior registration for participation by the sponsoring companies is necessary.
  • Maximum admissions will be limited to 35 only.

Who Should Attend / Target Audience

This programme is suitable for Supervisors, Executives, Officers and Managers responsible for Safety, Production, Maintenance, Warehouse, Office and other Operations.


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